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Port St. Lucie Motion Sensors Offer Another Level of Security

Motion sensors are considered by many as the heart of a robust home security system. The method in which motion detectors in Port St. Lucie operate is straightforward -- they detect human motion and alert the alarm. But did you know that these components do more than improve your protection? They can also help achieve a higher degree of convenience and energy savings to your life.

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Motion Sensors Are A Critical Facet Of A Robust Home Security System

Powerful motion sensors like the options provided by ADT defend more square footage than you may imagine. As a matter of fact, one sensor will detect activity in a space as big as 35 by 40 feet. Based on the size of your home and your distinct preferences, you might only require a couple of sensors. These versatile items work with other components and are able to be configured to do these tasks:

  • Alert your 24-7 monitoring professionals when there has been an invasion
  • Dispatch automatic alerts to your cell phone with the ADT Control app
  • Trigger an integrated surveillance camera to begin capturing footage
  • Turn on smart lighting if movement is detected

If you would like to turn on smart lights, dispatch warnings, or alert 24-hour monitoring, your motion sensors can be set up however you wish to have. In the event motion is found, a message is delivered to ADT Command, your home’s control panel. This important piece of equipment will then initiate the specific task you have put in place.

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Increase Convenience And Decrease Utility Expenses With Port St. Lucie Motion Sensors

Besides the obvious security benefit, Port St. Lucie motion sensors are able to be helpful in additional ways. Think about rising from bed in the wee hours of the night to go look after your little ones and having your hallway lighting instantly turn on. Additionally, you are able to lower energy costs by having smart lights automatically turn off when motion is no longer observed in a room. Besides hallways and common rooms like living rooms, you might also place sensors in places where you store valuables, such as a basement or storage area.

Pet Immunity Is Beneficial to Limiting False Alarms

Your ADT motion sensors in Port St. Lucie help you avoid false alarms by using pet immunity. This beneficial feature allows you to adjust levels of sensitivity so your pets weighing less than 60 pounds won’t initiate the alarm. Simply let your expert ADT installer know exactly how you would like your motion sensor configured. If you select ADT, you’ll never have to fret about your alarm going off whenever your furry friend strolls past.

Additional Specs of ADT Motion Sensors in Port St. Lucie

If you wish to have further details, review the following:

  • 300-foot transmission range
  • You can expect a battery to last five years. You may be sent notifications when batteries are running low
  • Communications with ADT Command interface are safeguarded with 128-bit AES encryption
  • Functions on customary 2.4 GHz frequency for simple compatibility

ADT packages come with one motion sensor but you can tailor your configuration however you want. There are also wired and wireless equipment contingent on the sort of installation you require.

Get Motion Sensors With Your Port St. Lucie Home’s Security System

Obtain the complete protection your family deserves with an ADT home security installation in Port St. Lucie from Secure24 Alarm Systems. Smart components like motion sensors will keep your property shielded from danger regardless of whether you’re home or away. If you want to get started, contact (772) 237-3604 or complete the following form.